Introducing Poz Finance

We would like to introduce Poz Finance shortly just before the official launch of the project.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) as a common term, means that traditional financial mechanisms such as borrowing money, exchanging currencies, insurance, etc. are recreated in a decentralized format. These decentralized structures are out of the grasp of banks, companies, or governments.

Poz Finance (POZ) is a deflationary BEP20 token (for now, soon it will be implemented on Polkadot network, too) with a reward system for holders. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, there will be less and less POZ as time goes on with a built-in deflation feature.

POZ uses a combination of built-in deflation and staking features as its primary DeFi functionality. Every address-to-address transaction reduces the amount of tokens involved in that transaction at a rate of 5%. With a live ecosystem, this results in the scarcity of the token, increasing its value, and discouraging people from selling it.

How to Stake

Every POZ holder will be able to stake and earn passive income via Poz Finance Staking Portal on

With the deflationary nature of the POZ token, 2.5% of the tokens in each transaction get burnt, while the remaining 2.5% of the tokens get distributed amongst the stakers.

Why Polkadot?

Polkadot Network is one of the most robust platforms in the cryptosphere due to its security, speed, flexibility, and working capacity between different networks. In this context, Polkadot Network will provide great potential for the project.

How Will You Fund the Project?

There will be a private sale round to raise the initial funding, followed by two rounds of public sale.

What Is Token Contract Address

10,000,000 POZ tokens, which constitute the total supply, have already been minted. There won’t be any additional minting of the token.

The contract address is:


Further details will be published this week with the official launch of the project through our official links.

Official Links:




Telegram Chat:

Telegram Channel:






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Poz Finance

Poz Finance

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